My Slingbag Returns: A Cairo Tale

Cairo, Gift of the Nile. The Eagle landed; into the warm surprises and red carpet welcome.

I spoilt it momentarily, forgetting my hunter's sling bag, and with it, my proud passport, cables, monies, a regiment of phone things, credit cards and tokens, etcetera.


My driver had disappeared into the blinding lights of the city, and I, serial forgetter of things, wondering if my pouch of vanity had gone forever. "Oh God of journeys, just the passport, let the passport return with all its canton of visas".


Karim calmed my worries and insisted I check into my room. It was getting late.  So I followed the concierge, like the unwilling sheep. But I was polite enough to engage him in the usual dialogue of arrival,  origin and feelings of first visits...


The quiet room, the brilliant room; everything in place but that truant slingbag.

Then the call. The voice at the other end told me the bag was waiting for me downstairs and I needed to check. Pyramids was efficient. I had to sign for collection. The driver waited on me, to make sure I had no complaints left in the night. He felt more relieved than I.


My first dramatic welcome to the city of lights. Thanks to Wael and the other men in the Supreme Council of Culture... I really pity them; they shouldn't have two of my type.


Tomorrow is prologue!



Published on:: 
June 2, 2016